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Posted by Mariah Nimmich on

Lunarly is a moon-based subscription service designed for self-care. We put together a Lunarly calendar to help you know exactly when you'll be billed, what's the last day to order a new subscription and when you can get ready for the New Moon!

New Moon Name New Moon Date Recurring Billing Date Last Day for New Orders Plant/Candle Schedule
Snow 2/4/19 1/18/19 1/22/19
Sap 3/6/19 2/11/19 2/15/19
Pink 4/5/19 3/11/19 3/15/19
Flower 5/4/19 4/11/19 4/15/19
Strawberry 6/3/19 5/11/19 5/15/19
Buck 7/2/19 6/11/19 6/15/19
Black Moon 7/31/19 7/11/19 7/15/19