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Zebra Plant - Plant Care Instructions and Tips

Haworthia Fasciata

The Haworthia, also known as a Zebra Plant, is a white striped succulent that will forgive you if you forget it water it. Your Haworthia requires little additional care. 


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Common Names

  • Zebra Plant

Quick Zebra Plant Stats

  • Your Zebra will grow best with consistent bright sunny light
  • The Zebra plant takes little water, only when the top layer of soil is dry
  • The Zebra plant is considered non-toxic, but may cause upset stomach if ingested.
  • Your new plant friend is a happy to be repotted every couple of years.  

Light Requirements

Your Haworthia will grow best with consistent, bright sunny light; it loves direct sunlight. The less light it gets, the slower it will grow. Avoid very low-light situations. 

Water Requirements

Water when the soil becomes dry, then thoroughly drench until the water drains into the saucer. Empty the saucer if the water level is high so not to drown the roots. The worst thing you can do to your plant is to over water it; the roots will rot if kept in water. It will only need watering once every 2 weeks.

Humidity Preference

Haworthia will appreciate you misting its leaves periodically to help to keep the dust on the leaves. 

Optimum Temperature

The Zebra Plant enjoys average room temperatures of 60-85 degrees. Avoid temperatures below 50 degrees, sudden temperature drops, or cold drafts.

Plant Food

For best results, feed your plant every month during the spring and summer with diluted liquid fertilizer. No fertilizer is necessary during the winter when plant growth naturally slows.

Additional Care

Haworthia requires little to no additional care. Haworthia benefits from being repotted every couple of years. The Zebra plant also produces babies called pups or offsets, these can be removed and repotted separately. 


Haworthia is considered non-toxic. Too much ingestion may cause a stomach upset and lethargy. Plants are not intended for human or animal consumption; keep out of reach of children and pets.

The Zebra Plant was featured in the January 2021 Lunarly box.

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