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3 Ways to Reuse Your Lunarly Box


Craft Inspiration! 3 Ways to Reuse Your Lunarly Box

If you subscribe to Lunarly, you’re familiar with our signature nature-inspired box design. What you may not know is that these pretty boxes can be used for so much more than shipping. Leave it to the creative community of Lunarly subscribers to transform their boxes into everything from gift wrapping to crystal displays. If you’re looking for a way to reduce waste and do a little crafting at the same time, get inspired with these three fun reuse ideas for Lunarly boxes. 

  1. Gift Wrapping

Photo Credit: Cynthia Phipps

Giving a gift to a friend? Pack the items into your box. Just add a bow and it’s pretty enough to hand off—and can even be shipped if needed. This saves money on buying new packaging and creates less waste. We call that an eco-friendly and budget-friendly win-win!

  1. Storage Box

Photo Credit: Krista Hauser

Some of our customers have mastered the art of turning Lunarly boxes into storage boxes. With a bit of crafty deconstruction, you can re-fold the box so that the floral design appears on the inside. We’ve seen these transformed boxes used to store everything from extra candles to pet supplies. 

  1. Crystal Display Box

Photo Credit: Courtney Miller 

If you really want to go above and beyond, you can make a crystal display out of your shipping box. One of our customers took the box apart and rebuilt it to include strips of cardboard as shelves. The box perfectly fixes the small crystals that we include for setting monthly intentions. This is a great way to watch your crystal collection grow and remember all the crystals you can work with. 

With these ideas in mind, we’re excited to see how you give your Lunarly box a second life. Make sure to tag us in your box craft pictures on Facebook and Instagram so we can share the inspiration with our community!