Crystal Meanings: Discovering the History & Meaning Behind Healing Crystals


Discovering the History & Meaning Behind Healing Crystals

We aim to align our crystals with a deeper purpose each month—whether it’s about embracing productivity or bonding with loved ones. To do that, we have to consider a crystal’s meaning. 

But...What Is a Crystal Meaning?

Many believe that every crystal has a unique energy. This is the essence or meaning of the stone, which has often built a healing reputation over centuries and across cultures. Around the world, folklore has been passed down about crystals and how they were used by ancient civilizations. These stories continue to be part of how we understand and connect with crystals to this day. 

By embracing a crystal’s energy, we seek to enhance and transform our own energy. So when choosing a crystal to work with, it’s important to think about your own needs and what you’d like more of, be it peace, clarity, strength, or something else. Then, finding the right crystal is as easy as knowing what each one is believed to do. We’ll cover five popular crystals and their crystal meanings to help you start connecting and healing with crystal energy.

5 Popular Healing Crystals & Their Meanings

1. Rose Quartz: The Love Stone

Looking for love? Rose quartz is here to help. This crystal is all about that loving feeling. It’s soft pink hue has mesmerized humans as far back as the ancient Egyptians. 

In one ancient myth, it was said that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Adonis, the god of plants, had such a powerful love that it stoked jealousy in Ares, the god of war. Envious, Ares attacked Adonis in the form of a wild boar. When Aphrodite rushed to Adonis’ side, she cut herself on a bush, and together their blood fell on the same white quartz crystal beneath, forever turning it rose pink. Ever since, rose quartz has been a stone symbolizing love. 

However, romantic love is not the only focus of rose quartz. This crystal is said to have a gentle, nurturing nature suited for amplifying and restoring all kinds of love, from self-love to love in friendships. 

2. Black Tourmaline: The Protection Stone

We all experience moments of feeling vulnerable and uneasy. That’s what makes black tourmaline, known as a stone of protection, so popular. It’s said that even during the Middle Ages, tourmaline was used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits. 

Today, this jet black stone continues to be viewed as a shield against negative energy. Connecting with the grounding essence of this stone, either by holding it in your hand during meditation or setting an intention for safety and stability, is said to help you feel more secure.

3. Amethyst: The Peace Stone

If there’s one thing we could all use a little more of, it’s calm. The next time you need to create space between yourself and all the worries and to-do lists of the day, put down your phone and pick up an amethyst. 

Amethyst has been revered for its lavender-colored beauty for centuries. You can find carved amethyst beads in the jewelry of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and many other civilizations. It’s purple, grape-like shade led the ancient Greeks to associate this stone with Bacchus, the god of wine. They believed that the stone could prevent them from getting drunk. Other civilizations entrusted amethyst with bestowing mental clarity and insight during battle. 

Today, amethyst is still thought to offer clarity and wisdom. Using an amethyst crystal in meditation, either by holding it in your hand or resting it on your third eye chakra, is a great way to open yourself up to its calming benefits.

4. Red Jasper: The Stability Stone

With everything we try to accomplish in our lives, it’s easy to find ourselves out of balance. Rather than spiral, get grounded with the help of red jasper. Known as a stabilizing stone, red jasper’s energy is thought to reinforce your inner strength.

Red jasper has long been recognized as a stone that can help foster determination and confidence in those who connect with it. Using this stone to rid oneself of doubt and fear is nothing new. In the Middle Ages, talismans were carved out of red jasper to protect against everything from disease to evil spirits.

Of course, in modern times, red jasper’s energy is more typically used as a source of support. When you find yourself hesitating due to self-doubts, take a series of fortifying breaths with a red jasper in hand. This can help to ground those anxious thoughts and leave you feeling less off kilter.

5. Clear Quartz: The Energizing Stone

Some days, we just feel dull. Whether it’s a lack of energy or a lack of clarity that’s fogging our thoughts, we’re missing our shine. How better to get it back than with the dazzling, revitalizing energy of clear quartz?

Since clear quartz is one of the most abundant stones on Earth, it also has an abundance of lore. One of the most famous uses of quartz were the crystal skulls carved by ancient mesoamerican civilizations, meant to represent various gods. Quartz was also popular during the middle ages, when crystal balls were used to predict the future. 

These days, using crystals balls to predict the future has gone out of vogue, but quartz is still believed to offer enhanced clarity. This comes from the modern take on quartz, which suggests the stone is an amplifier of your own power. Many believe it sharpens the mind and energizes the spirit. Simply holding it in your hand while setting positive intentions can help you to establish the focus and excitement required to see your goals through. 

Now that you understand crystal meanings, why not try working with their energy? Learn more about how to use your crystals in our blog filled with tips on easy crystal practices.