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End-of-year Journaling with New Year Journal Prompts


The end of the year is in sight. And for many of us, that means end-of-year nostalgia. Take a moment to reflect on your experiences with new year journaling. Now is the perfect time to check in with yourself. Think about all the things that you’ve weathered, accomplished, and learned. Writing about the year’s highs and lows can provide a new perspective that will help you in the year ahead. Use these prompts to walk into a new year celebrating your self-growth.

What Are the Benefits of New Year Journaling?

Journaling isn’t about re-hashing experiences. It’s about reframing them. That’s why we recommend using new year journal prompts. Have you ever been so set in your perspective on an event, that no matter how many times you recounted it, or how many people you told, you weren’t able to see it differently? Journal prompts help you to break through your narrative.

By forcing you to confront one specific question or area of your life, a journal prompt can bring new light to situations. Approaching the same story from a different angle is sometimes all you need to shift and deepen your understanding. Other benefits of new year journaling include: 

  • Enhanced awareness and focus
  • Elevated understanding and cognitive abilities
  • Coping mechanism for trauma or difficult periods
  • Entering a new year with greater clarity
  • Facilitates setting and sticking to New Year’s resolutions

New Year Journal Prompts for Self-Growth 

Let’s take a look at the various areas of your life that you can improve in the year ahead by reflecting on how they changed in the year that’s past. Allow your stream of consciousness to flow. You can pick one prompt to respond to, or do one prompt from each section. 

Career Journal Prompts

My greatest challenge this year was…
I learned that I can…
What personal quality helped you the most this year?
What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? How did they shift throughout the year?
I am ready to...

    Personal Reflection Journal Prompts

    The healthy self-care that I enjoyed most this year was... 
    I am proud that I…
    How could you have been kinder to yourself this year?
    What are you ready to let go of?
    What is one change you’re ready to commit to?

    Love Journal Prompts

    One habit I won’t take into next year is…
    What are you thankful for?
    What is one thing you love about yourself?
    I am happy that…
    I commit to giving more love to…

    Creativity Journal Prompts

    I’m excited to explore…
    If you could tell yourself anything at the beginning of last year, what would it be?
    What is one word that you keep in your mind as you approach the year ahead?

    No matter which prompt you choose, these new year journal prompts will help you bring closure to the end of the year. It’s the perfect way to begin a new chapter feeling fresh, inspired, and ready to grow.