Harnessing the Blue Moon’s Power


The blue moon is calling, but do you know what it’s saying? The phases of the moon include full, new, and everything in between, and working with these important periods each month can guide your intentions, fuel your personal growth, and help you shine as bright as the moon itself! This month is a powerful moment to start your moon journey, as we’ll experience a special blue moon at the end. How should you use it? Follow the moon’s magic step by step so you can make the most of it.

A moon cycle runs about a month—29.5 days to be precise. In that cycle, we see four major moon moments, called phases. These are the new moon, the first quarter moon, the full moon, and the last quarter moon. This cycle is a result of the interacting rotations of the earth and the moon around the earth. As the planets rotate around the sun, their arrangement changes the amount of the sun’s light reflecting on the moon (and the earth’s shadow across it.). This changes which portions of the moon are visible.
The start of the moon cycle occurs when the moon comes between the sun and earth, reflecting no light while in a position we call the new moon. As the moon moves around the earth, the sun’s light illuminates more of it, revealing a sliver of silver moon that increases each evening. This slow reveal process is called waxing. When the moon is full, we can see the whole thing illuminated. As it rotates back toward its new moon position between the sun and earth, we see less and less of it each evening, until it disappears again for another new moon. This disappearing act is called “waning.”

The phases of the moon each have their own significance for your personal moon journey, and they’re the easiest astrological movement to track—no telescope needed! (A moon phase app can help you track them, but you can also just look out the window and see what the moon is doing.) Keeping a moon phase journal can help you track your intentions, progress, and notes around how each cycle feels for you.

New Moon - New Beginnings

The best planning takes place with a little bit of privacy, which is why the new moon is the best time of the moon cycle to set your intentions and work through what you need to make your dreams a reality. Be bold, and set intentions that you think support your long-term goals. But be mindful of your time frame. What can you do in this 29-day cycle? Write your intentions somewhere safe so you can revisit them.

First Quarter Moon -  Taking Action

As the moon grows in the sky, it’s your turn to grow your commitment to your intentions. Manifesting magic in your life isn’t just about the hopes you have. Use the first quarter moon to check in on how your actions are supporting this moon cycle’s intentions. Review your new moon notes, and make sure you’re putting in the work. Now’s the time to make any adjustments or updates.

Full Moon - Manifest That Magic

The peak of the moon cycle (and the easiest to spot) is the full moon when you can see it all. Use its light to illuminate what is working for you and ask yourself what benefits you’ve seen in your life. Take a moment to enjoy and express gratitude for what you have achieved and learned at this moment. (Write them in your moon journal to help them sink in!)

Last Quarter Moon -  Reflection and Release

The last quarter moon helps wind down the moon phases, and there’s work to be done as the moon disappears. What have you learned as you’ve worked on your intentions? If things didn’t work out the way you planned, what lessons from the less successful moments can you take forward? What can you forgive yourself or others for? Use this moon phase as a prompt to process how you’ve grown before you start a new cycle with the new moon. 

The Moon and the Stars

The moon cycle isn’t the same every month. As the weather changes, so do the seasons. In astrology, there are twelve seasons: one for each sign of the zodiac. If you’re an Aries, your birthday falls during Aries season (March 21-April 19). The new moon during that period is also an Aries! The astrological season a new moon falls into determines the themes of that moon. 

When it comes to the astrology of the full moon, the full moon occurs in the sign opposite to the astrological season we’re in. So if it’s Scorpio season, the new moon is in Scorpio, and the full moon is in Taurus. Opposite sign pairs are any given pair of astrological signs displayed on opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, as in the image above. You’ll see Scorpio and Taurus lay exactly across from each other in the illustration! The energy of opposite signs helps balance out the energy of the pair. That means in any month, the energy of the new moon and full moon balance each other out—one vibe for each in a complementary pair. 

One Moon, Two Moon, Blue Moon

A blue moon occurs quite rarely, only every two or three years. A blue moon is the second full moon in a month and because the moon cycle is about 30 days, the usual full moon during each month sets the stage for a bonus “blue” moon at the end of the month.

Since it’s a “bonus” full moon, a blue moon has even more potential manifestation magic, a second chance to revel in the work you’ve put into your intentions. It’s the perfect time to start your moon manifestation journey!

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