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How to Create a Morning Ritual


How to Create a Morning Ritual

You mean mornings can be more than impatiently waiting for the coffee to kick in? It’s true! With the right practice, you can change not only how your day starts, but how it ends, too.

That’s because mornings set the tone for your day. So, if your morning is rushed, you may struggle to feel settled and organized throughout the day. But when your morning allows you to feel calm and present, you can take that energy into the day’s tasks. We’ll explore a few healthy and productive practices, including setting intentions, that you can implement to create a morning ritual that starts your day off right.

What Is a Morning Ritual?

A morning ritual is simply a practice that you routinely and intentionally engage in. It doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, it’s best to keep it simple. That way, you’re more likely be consistent and perform your ritual every morning. 

A good example of a morning ritual is to practice 10 minutes of sound meditation then take by a jog around the block. Another is to repeat a powerful mantra for 5 minutes then drink a cup of green tea.

Setting Intentions During Morning Rituals

By setting an intention during your morning ritual, you can pour all that productive energy into one goal for the day. Setting intentions enables you to define your focus and devote your effort to accomplishing one thing.

A daily intention can be as simple as, “I am calm and centered.” Or, you can set specific daily intentions, like “I am ready to get the promotion I deserve.” Stating your intention out loud is the perfect way to wrap up your morning ritual.

Learn more about crafting and setting intentions.

Tips for Crafting a Morning Ritual

  • Give yourself time. To avoid the morning time crunch, get in the habit of waking up 20 minutes earlier so you can relax and enjoy your ritual.
  • Keep it simple. As stated above, don’t try to take on an elaborate hour-long ritual of healthy practices. Choose one or two elements instead.
  • Focus on awareness. Whatever you do during your ritual, try to stay fully present while you do it. 

3 Great Activities for Morning Rituals

1. Meditation

Create a meditation space, even if it’s just a big comfy pillow on the floor and a spritz of refreshing room spray. Set a timer, close your eyes, and focus on taking in calming breaths.

2. Hydrate with Intention

Rather than drinking a cup of coffee on the go, take a peaceful moment to nourish your body with intention. Prepare a cup of hot water with lemon and honey, and make the commitment to stay present as you enjoy it.

3. Get Moving

Don’t let your first movements of the day be rushed. Instead, devote 5 or 10 minutes to a flow of stretches or simple yoga. Get your blood pumping so you can feel strong and ready for the day.

Ready to turn your mornings around? Show us how you’re becoming a morning person with your healthy morning ritual practice. Share your creative ideas on our Facebook or Instagram. We love to see how you add meaning to your self-care!