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Upcycle Candles: How to Transform Your Candle Votives


There are all kinds of ways to enjoy your candles. They add ambience to meals, good books, and bubble baths, but what happens when your candles burn out for good? Turns out, with a little creativity, the fun’s not over! After you’ve reached the 60 hours of burn time on your hand-poured Lunarly candles, it’s time to give the candle votives a playful new purpose. Once your candle has burned to the bottom of the wick, use crafty ingenuity to give it a whole new life—be it as a pen holder or a pot for plants. 


Join us for craft time as we cover how to clean out leftover candle wax and transform your old votives into something even more beautiful.

Step 1. Removing Candle Wax from the Votive

A lit Lunarly candle

Getting leftover candle wax out from the bottom of a candle holder is tricky business. After all, you don’t want to damage your nice votive by trying to scratch and scrape it out. Luckily there are easier ways to remove the wax. After removing as much wax as possible with a spoon, you can try leaving your votive in the freezer until the wax freezes. When frozen, it will peel off the edges of the candle holder and should come right out. 

You can also use boiling water to remove the wax. To do this, first take out as much wax as you can with a spoon, and then pour boiling hot water into the votive, with a little extra room at the top. As you wait for the water to cool, you should notice the candle wax detaching from the votive and floating the top. Strain the wax from the water.

You can throw away your excess wax, or heat it up and use the scented wax to seal letters. Lastly, use soap and water to clean off any remaining wax on the sides of the candle holder.


Step 2. Transform the Votive


Lunarly candles repurposed into plant pots

Photo Credit: Rachel Anne Taylor

Now that you have a clean votive, you can begin the fun part of crafting it into something special. There’s no limit to what you can do with your reused candle votives, but below are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy old candle holders in new ways.

  • Succulent Plant Holder: Drill a drainage hole into the bottom of the votive. Then fill the votive with succulent soil and small rocks. Use your finger to create space in the soil for the succulent root, and set the plant into the soil. Once your succulent is planted, give it some water to help the roots adjust.
  • Flower Vase: Just add water and freshly cut flowers, and you’ll have a beautiful display for your table, desk, or sacred space
  • Pen Holder: Dress up your workspace by reusing your pretty votive as a pen holder.
  • Crystal Container: Not sure where to put all the crystals from your Lunarly subscription? Keep them in your repurposed votive so they’re easy to find when there’s a specific crystal you’d like to work with.
  • Face Scrub: Mix together the ingredients of your face or body scrub within the votive. You can include exfoliating ingredients like sugar and used coffee grounds, as well as hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, or shea butter. Add a couple drops of essential oil to awaken the senses. Use whichever scent combinations you enjoy, from lemon and lavender to bergamot and sandalwood. Keep the excess scrub in your votive and use as needed.


Use any of these creative candle holder ideas to reduce waste and have fun doing it. Wondering how you can transform your Lunarly boxes into shelves, displays, and more? Check out our blog post on upcycling Lunarly’s signature, nature-inspired boxes.