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What is my last day to order a Lunarly subscription and get the next box?

Subscriptions always follow a cadence in line with the new moon to ensure you receive your box before the next new moon. Please refer to the following chart for order cutoff dates each month.


New Moon Phase

Order By to Receive

February 23rd

February 16th, 11:59 PM ET

March 24th

March 10th, 11:59 PM ET

April 22nd

April 10th, 11:59 PM ET

May 22nd

May 10th, 11:59 PM ET

June 21st

June 10th, 11:59 PM ET

July 20th

July 5th, 11:59 PM ET

August 18th

August 5th, 11:59 PM ET

September 17th

September 5th, 11:59 PM ET

October 16th

October 5th, 11:59 PM ET

November 15th

November 5th, 11:59 PM ET

December 14th

December 5th, 11:59 PM ET