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When will I receive my Lunarly box?

Posted by Mariah Nimmich on

Lunarly boxes arrive 3-4 days before each month’s New Moon, so you can receive your box in time to set your intentions for the next lunar cycle. Questions about the new moon, their names and why they matter? Refer to the moon calendar for estimated arrival times.


Moon Name

New Moon Phase

Thunder Moon

July 12th (2018)

Sturgeon Moon

August 11th (2018)

Harvest Moon

September 9th (2018)

Hunter’s Moon

October 8th (2018)

Beaver Moon

November 7th (2018)

Cold Moon

December 7th (2018)

Wolf Moon

January 5th (2019)

Snow Moon

February 4th (2019)

Sap Moon

March 6th (2019)

Pink Moon

April 5th (2019)

Flower Moon

May 4th (2019)

Strawberry Moon

June 3rd (2019)