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12 gemstone and keepsake box with moon card artwork sett
Moon cards and gemstone keepsake box

12 Gemstones + Engraved Wood Keepsake Box + Collectible Moon Cards

Gemstone Self Care
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Each gemstone included carries its own energies and uses. Find the stone that fits what boost you need for the month. From protection to positivity, each stone comes from our collection of gemstones provided to Lunarly subscribers. This complete gemstone collection includes a wooden engraved keepsake box


This incredible bundle also includes 12 of our past Moon cards with custom artwork for each moon. Use them to decorate an intentional space for a moment of relaxation and peace. 


  • Engraved wood gemstone keepsake box
  • 12 Past moon card artworks
  • 12 Gemstones (1.5" - 3")
  • Gemstones may differ from photo