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Mala Bead and Moonstone Pendulum Intention Pack
Moonstone Pendulums Amazonite Mala Beads

Moonstone Pendulum + Amazonite and Jasper Mala Beads

Self Discovery Tools
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Intentional tools help create peaceful minds. These tools can help you find the answers and peace that accompanies an intention fueled life. This product ships for free!

Moonstone Pendulum: 
Believed to have the power to diffuse the energy and vibrations emitted from our surroundings, pendulums have been used for centuries to guide intuition and inform decisions - a method known as “dowsing” or “divining”. Your Moonstone pendulum can also be used in your meditation practice, as this particular gemstone inspires introspection and bravery in self-exploration.

  • 7-inch chain
  • 1.5-inch pendulum

Amazonite and Jasper Mala Beads:
Crystal mala beads hold powerful energy designed to assist you in your meditation practice. Jasper is thought to be grounding, eliminating the negative energy, while promoting peaceful healing. Amazonite is believed to balance both the masculine and feminine energies, stimulating both sides of the brain. To use your Mala find a comfortable seat, sitting straight and relaxing your shoulders, allow your eyes softly close. Take a few deep breaths to settle into your space and choose your intention. With your right-hand count each bead on the Mala and with every bead, repeat your positive phrase or intention. This gentle act of repetition helps cleanse the mind and align your intention with your attention.

  • 20-inch mala bead
  • amazonite / jasper / quartz gem