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Lunarly Pink Moon Candle
Lunarly Pink Moon Candle 60 Hour Burn Time

Holy Basil Lemongrass Bergamot Pink Moon Candle

Featured in April '19
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Give your space a fresh start with this balancing blend of scents formulated to cleanse and harmonize. It doesn’t have to be spring to bring a cleansing environment to your space. Light this candle and embrace the possibilities that will present themselves when you cleanse the clutter from your mind and life.  

  • Burn Time: 60 hours
    • 10 oz 
      • 3.25" diameter / 4.25" height

          Fragrance notes include:

          • Holy Basil: harmonizing, calming, healing
          • Lemongrass: stimulating, enchanting, cleansing
          • Bergamot: prosperity, elevating, balancing