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Stay In and Vibe Out

Stay In and Vibe Out

Limited Edition
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Social distancing can be a draining time for all of us as we're limiting our time spent with friends and family. However, It can also be a chance to reconnect with yourself or show a friend or family member that you're thinking of their well being. This limited edition box is all about taking the quiet moments during this isolating time and using them for a moment of self-care and peace.

We've curated the items in this Stay In and Vibe Out box to help you or a loved one focus on taking a moment of self-love. Use each item as a self-care ritual to stop and take in a new experience or perspective.

  • This box includes a Lunarly Candle, 4 of our favorite self-care and intention setting items. Items may vary from photo.
  • This is a limited edition, one-time purchase and is not part of a subscription.