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Lunarly Wolf Moon Candle
Wolf Moon Candle 2019 60 hour burn time

Clementine Black Incense Cedar Wood Wolf Moon Candle

Featured in Jan '19
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This special blend of scents was created to empower the fresh start that comes with the Wolf Moon. Pick an area within your home that feels drained, unorganized, or in need of an energy lift. Light your candle and allow the inspiring throw of scents wrap around your space and bring new life to it. 

  • Burn Time: 60 hours
  • 10 oz 
  • 3.25" diameter / 4.25" height

Fragrance notes include:

  • Clementine: uplift, inspire, refresh
  • Black Incense: energy cleansing, luck, protection
  • Cedar Wood: relax, ground, vitality