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I have allergies; can I safely use your candles?

The candles are perfectly safe for most individuals suffering from allergies. The candles burn clean and the fragrance does not irritate most allergies. As with all candles, the product is not meant to be used outside of its intended purpose, meaning don’t eat it! Even though they may cause immediate hunger.

Do these candles have any unnatural or harmful ingredients?

No! We are proud to create these candles with only the finest materials, natural soy wax that is domestically sourced and high-quality cotton wicks free from any lead or plastics. The candles are paraben, petroleum and phthalate free. Even the glass container is 100% food grade quality and can be repurposed after a thorough wash.

How are the candles made?

We hand pour each candle, using materials 100% made in the USA. These specialty candles are hand poured in Massachusetts.

Are the candles vegan?

The candles are 100% vegan. We only use soy wax and none of the fragrances were tested on animals. However, we are not certified vegan even though we do not use any type of animal byproduct because we have not gone through the official process.

Please note that despite our candles being 100% vegan and non-toxic, we do recommend that the candles are kept away from pets so they are not ingested.

Do I need to wait for a particular day/moon phase to light my candle?

Some people like to burn their candles according to the lunar cycle, but that’s definitely not a requirement. The scent and the flame are particularly mood-setting when creating the stage for our mindfulness practice. Take your space to the next level with a little warmth and good vibes to oomph your intentions with a little bespoke aromatherapy during a session of meditation. After all, we created these scents with just that in mind.