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Lunarly Calendar

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Lunarly is a moon-based subscription service designed for self-care. We put together a Lunarly calendar to help you know exactly when you'll be billed, what's the last day to order a new subscription and when you can get ready for the New Moon!

Lunarly Shipment Calendar


Can I skip a box?

We understand that you may need to skip a month due to vacation, moving or other personal reasons. Monthly recurring subscribers can skip a box any time before your next billing date. Simply log into your account, click on Manage Subscriptions, then Delivery Schedule to select which upcoming box you would like to skip.

Please note you can only skip monthly recurring subscriptions. Gifts and 3-month subscriptions cannot be skipped at this time.

Are your plants toxic for pets?

We love our fur-babies just as much as our plant babies, so this is something we think about too! 

Many of the plant varieties that are not considered pet-friendly are not deadly, but they might cause an upset stomach for your pet.

We try to include pet-friendly plants as much as possible. When your Lunarly arrives we will let you know whether the plant it is safe to keep near your pet or whether you should keep your new plant-baby away from your fur-baby.

What are intentions?

They are a way to practice mindful living. Integrate practices like journaling and meditation into your day-to-day. We will send you everything you need to get the growth you’ve always gone after. Intentions are values we seek to embody every day. Using the principles of lunar abundance, we are guided to manifesting our best selves. That is why we set intentions.

To learn more, visit our Intentions FAQ.

Will my subscription auto-renew?

Yes! We know it’s important to you to set intentions each lunar cycle, so we’ve removed the hassle of having to sign back up every month. Like any other subscription, Lunarly will continue to send you monthly boxes unless otherwise notified. See "What is your cancellation policy?" for more details.

Note: Gift subscriptions are a one-time purchase. Gift subscriptions do not renew. 

What is my last day to order a Lunarly subscription and get the next box?

Subscriptions always follow a cadence in line with the new moon to ensure you receive your box before the next new moon. Please refer to the following chart for order cutoff dates each month.


New Moon Phase

Order By to Receive

March 6th

February 15th 11:59 PM ET

April 5th

March 15th 11:59 PM ET

May 4th 

April 15th 11:59 PM ET

June 3rd

May 15th 11:59 PM ET

July 2nd

June 15th 11:59 PM ET

July 31st 

July 15th 11:59 PM ET

August 30th August 15th 11:59 PM ET

What is Lunarly?

Wellness comes from within, and we know that. And we know we feel best when we take care of our emotional well-being. That’s why we put together Lunarly, a moon-based self-care subscription service, with just that in mind.

Your journey is tied to personal growth and intention setting or sending a unique gift that has meaning to a loved one. Each moon brings an exclusive new addition for your self-care space. But it doesn’t stop there, as you’ll also acquire new meaningful keepsakes, meant to help you achieve all of your goals on this journey.

Subscription Gifting

Can I gift a subscription to my mom/friend/yogi?

Yes! Looking to gift a Lunarly subscription? We offer two different gifting options, one month or 3 month pre-paid subscriptions that automatically cancel at the end of the pre-paid period.

Please Note: To learn more, check out our Gifting FAQ.

Can I choose when the first gifted box is shipped?

Sorry! We don't have a way of delaying the shipment or choosing a particular ship date of your first box. Our billing cycle works in that if you place your order before that moon's cutoff date (9 business days before the next new moon), it will reserve your box and the gift recipient will receive their first box 3-4 days before the next new moon. 

Will my gift subscription renew?

No. For all gift subscriptions, the gifter is charged a one time fee, the gift recipients’ subscriptions will not auto-renew and will end after the purchased duration. If you would like to extend or renew your subscription, you will need to place an order for a new subscription by clicking here.

I received a gift subscription and I need to change my shipping address. How can I do this?

To update your shipping address or make any other changes to a gifted subscription, please email We’d love to help!

Please note that address changes made after the order cutoff date for that moon will apply to the next month's box.

Can I include a gift message with my order?

We are able to include a gift message of up to 175 characters for gift subscription orders only. This option will be available during the checkout process. The gift note will be included in the recipient's immediate email notification of their gift subscription.

Gift messages are not available for items ordered from the Moon Market at this time.

Subscription Shipping

How do I change my subscription shipping address?

To update your address, simply login to your account page, click on the Manage Subscriptions tab, then tap Subscriptions. On the next page, hit Edit and enter your new address details and tap Save.

1. Click “Manage Subscriptions”
2. Tap “Subscriptions”
3. Enter the new address
4. Tap “Save” to update

Note that we cannot guarantee your box will arrive 3-4 days before the New Moon if your address change is made after that moon’s order cutoff date. Please reach out to if you have questions or need assistance!

When will I receive my Lunarly box?

Lunarly boxes arrive 3-4 days before each month’s New Moon, so you can receive your box in time to set your intentions for the next lunar cycle. Questions about the new moon, their names and why they matter? Refer to the moon calendar for estimated arrival times.


My box hasn’t arrived. Help!

If your box is being returned to us for any reason our customer support team will reach out to you to confirm a new address once the item arrives back at our warehouse. If we are able to make contact we will re-ship your item(s). If not, you will be refunded for the purchase price of the products including the shipping cost.

Incorrect Address
If the shipping address on your order is incorrect or incomplete, please note that we cannot change the delivery address after an order has been shipped. If the item is undeliverable, once it's returned to us, we can process a replacement order.
Lost or stolen orders
We ship with only the most reliable carriers. Once the box has left our distribution center, we cannot be held accountable for lost, stolen or misdelivered shipments. We want you to have the best possible experience with our company. Please contact the carrier assigned to your order and see if they have any insight. If they are unable to assist, please email us at so we can work with you to resolve this.

Am I able to return or exchange a Lunarly box?

These boxes are non-refundable or exchangeable. We will happily replace damaged, defective, or incorrect items. Otherwise, all sales are final. If there are any complications with your Lunarly shipment, reach us at for assistance. We’d love to help!

How do I change my address?

You can easily change your shipping or billing address for a recurring subscription in your Account dashboard in the Subscription Profile. Simply log in to your account page and select edit next to your current address under ‘Subscription Orders.’ On the next page provide a new address and select save!


Please note: all address changes must be submitted by last day to order that box to take effect before the next moon. Address changes made after the order cutoff will not apply to that moon’s shipment. The calendar at the top of the FAQ page shows the Last Day to Order.

I just ordered my first box. When will it arrive?

If you ordered your box before the cutoff date, you’ll receive your first Lunarly order about 3-4 days before the next New Moon. 

Not sure if you hit the cutoff date? Your order confirmation email will always list the date and month of your shipment. The countdown timer at the top of this page will always tell you how long there is before the next cutoff date! We also have a calendar on the FAQ page.

You can always contact us at with any questions.

If I have a Lunarly subscription, when will I receive my box each month?

Lunarly boxes arrive 3-4 days before each month’s New Moon, so you can receive your box in time to set your intentions for the next lunar cycle. Shipping generally takes 2-5 business days. You will receive a shipping notification email when your box is on the way to you!

How much does subscription shipping cost?

Shipping is always free for our standard recurring subscriptions! We want you to worry about the important things, like mindful living and not shipping costs. Please note that gift subscriptions will pay a one-time shipping fee of $3.00 for one month and $9.00 for three months.

Where can I ship a Lunarly subscription?

Where can I ship a Lunarly subscription?

Shipping is available within the contiguous US states. We cannot ship orders to P.O. Boxes, APO / FPO military addresses, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. This is strictly based on the product type and maintaining the freshness of the plants. International shipping is not available at this time.


Subscription Billing

I’ve already been billed for the next month (or next 3 months), can I cancel and get this refunded?

We will happily replace damaged, defective, or incorrect items. Otherwise, all sales are final. These boxes are non-refundable or exchangeable. If there are any complications with your Lunarly shipment, reach us at for assistance. We’d love to help!

Help! My card was declined!

For security purposes, we do not see or store your credit card information when you enter it on our site. If you receive an error at checkout, it is because ypur credit card issuer has found an error with the card you entered. Make sure the following fields are accurate:

  • Your billing address entered in step one matches the billing address associated with your credit card
  • You have selected the correct card type
  • You have entered the correct 16-digit credit card number (15-digit for AmEx)
  • Your expiration date is correct

If you are still experiencing an error, please notify us at so we can help!

How do I update my credit card information?

If you would like to update your payment method, you can do so through your Account dashboard in the Subscription Profile.

  1. Click "Manage Subscriptions"
  2. Tap "Billing Information"
  3. Enter the updated card information. Pay special attention to the expiration date and billing zip code - these are the top reasons cards are declined.
  4. Tap Update Card to save!

How do I cancel my Lunarly Subscription?

We think you'll miss your monthly Lunarly box, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. Please keep in mind there is no way to reactivate a canceled account. If you do choose to cancel, you may do so in your Account Dashboard. You can access your account by clicking here.

Once you've logged into your account, follow these steps:

  1. From your "My Account" dashboard click "Manage Subscriptions"
  2. Provide a reason for canceling the subscription and tap “Cancel” subscription.
  3. If you are having troubles canceling your subscription, send an email to

Please Note: Gift subscriptions cannot be canceled or refunded.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Lunarly billing takes place on the 11th of each month for the following month's new moon. You must cancel your account before the recurring billing date to prevent being billed for your next box. You can always find your next billing date in your Account or by emailing

Monthly Recurring Subscribers:
If you cancel before the recurring billing date, you will not be billed or receive another box. If you cancel on or after the recurring billing date, it will be your last box. Lunarly boxes are non-exchangeable and nonrefundable. You will receive a notice of your upcoming billing 3 days before the actual bill date.

3-Month Prepaid Subscribers:
If you cancel your prepaid 3-month subscription, you will still receive the boxes that you prepaid for but your account will not automatically renew for another term once your prepaid boxes are delivered. We do not offer refunds. You will receive a notice of your upcoming billing 3 days before the actual bill date.

When am I billed?

We know it's important to you to set intentions each lunar cycle, so we've removed the hassle of having to sign back up every month. Lunarly subscriptions bill on a recurring basis. Your initial sign up is your first month's payment. Your first box will ship the following month.

Like any other subscription, Lunarly will continue to send you monthly boxes unless otherwise notified. Lunarly billing takes place on a predetermined prior to the upcoming new moon. You can always find your next billing date in the Lunarly Calendar at the top of the FAQ page. You must cancel your account before the recurring billing date to prevent being billed for your next box. 

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other major credit cards. We cannot split payments between credit cards. We do not accept cash, check, Venmo, or money orders. Please note orders are subject to review.

How much do Lunarly Subscriptions cost?

Lunarly subscriptions are available in several subscription types and one-time purchase options.

Monthly Recurring:

  • Billed every month, cancellable anytime before the next billing cycle, shipping included!
  • $40/month

3 Month Prepaid Recurring:

  • Billed every 3 months, cancellable anytime before the next billing cycle, shipping included!
  • $110/three months

One Month Gift:

  • Paid upfront, no monthly fee or subscription required, one time $4.00 shipping fee due at checkout.
  • One-time purchase of $40

3 Month Gift

  • Paid upfront, automatically cancels at end of the 3-month cycle, one time $9.00 shipping fee due at checkout.
  • One-time purchase of $110/three months

Moon Market

What is your order cancellation and return policy?

All Moon Market orders are final. We will always replace any damaged or defective items. You will be billed as soon as the order is placed. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, reach out to us at for assistance. 

Where can I ship an item from the Moon Market?

All orders from, including subscriptions, can only be shipped within the contiguous 48 states. We cannot ship any items to Alaska/Hawaii/military addresses or PO Boxes at this time.

Can I make a purchase without creating a Lunarly account?

You must log in to your existing Lunarly account or create an account to purchase from the Moon Market. Guest checkout is not available. 

When will I receive my full-size product order from the Lunarly shop?

Orders from the Moon Market usually take 1-2 days to process and 5-7 business days to ship. You will receive a shipping notification email when your order is on the way to you!

Have an issue with your order's shipment or delivery? Reach out to the Lunarly support team at - we are here to help!

What is the Lunarly Moon Market?

Mindfulness is a perennial practice. The Moon Market is a curated collection of items to boost your intention setting practice, elevate your space, and cultivate mindfulness. You may find more of your favorites from past Lunarly boxes or exciting new items!

Can I send an item from the Moon Market as a gift?

At this time, gift messaging or gift wrapping is not available on items from the Moon Market. We do offer gift subscription options to Lunarly. You may always choose to enter a different shipping address for your Moon Market order so it goes directly to a loved one! Please be aware that packing slips or receipts included in the shipment may show prices or other order details.


Inspirational Intentions

My inner power is limitless. I will kindle its fire with my own lightning within.
With self-esteem, I am whole. I am my own best advocate.
I am brave, I am kind, I am put-together.
When I am still, peace within me rises like the moon in the sky.  
Vulnerability is my balm as I let my guard down, to let love in.
I welcome and encourage the courage to unabashedly be authentically me. I am exceptional and unique in my own way.
Change opens the door for progress. I embrace, the shifting tides of my life to wash away my fears.

How to set intentions

Ready to set an intention?
It’s time to whip out your new journal and break it in.
Find a peaceful place where you can THINK clearly.
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
What needs to improve?
What do you need more of?
How can you FEEL better?
How can you BE better? Put words and phrases to your feelings.
Use active phrases: “I will…” “I am…” Just a sentence, or two.
Most importantly: think POSITIVE. Take as long as you need to.
Speak your truth, put it out into the world! Say it a few times.
WRITE it down.
Feel that lightness?
Let’s begin.
Get COMFORTABLE. Sit down, lay on the floor, stand; whatever feels right.
ROOT yourself: close your eyes, take long breaths. Let go.
DIG deep. Think about yourself, and let each thought guide you.
FLOW into every thought.
FEEL everything.
FOCUS on what becomes clear to you.
When you are ready to finish, GROUND yourself and awaken.

How does the journey work?

All the anxiety about hitting points on a timeline, rigidly focusing so much on the tangible thing you want; it’s all ignoring the purpose of self-care in the first place. With intentions, it’s different. There is no roadmap, no sense of failure to be had. Only growth, no matter what. Instead of action, it is the art of inaction, of mindfulness. We set intentions as meaningful commitments, to live our lives as better versions of ourselves. There is no incarnation of material objects. Our hearts and minds are the navigation to finding something within us and sharing it with the world.

Why do I set intentions with the moon?

Every new moon, we take a moment to consider how we live, and what we can intentionally do to live it better. Over the course of the twenty nine-and-a-half day lunar cycle, you’ll use mindfulness techniques, utilize the art of self-care, and commit to living out your chosen intention. The full moon marks the culmination of your chosen affirmation and is as crucial to intention setting as the new moon. Hence the name, Lunarly.

What is intention setting?

Intention setting is choosing an intention to carry with you every day. The new moon is the ideal time to start this process, as the lunar cycle will energize your intention over the month.


How do moon phases tie to plant care?

During the new moon, water is said to be pulled the surface to nourish the roots of the plant. Not that much different from us utilizing mindfulness and manifesting growth. We can see that reflected in our new plant when we incorporate it into our intention setting. It’s just so satisfying to watch our new plant thrive alongside us.

I think the new moon is a different day... why is this?

We follow west coast time to make sure everyone gets their Lunarly box in time for the new moon. It’s all good, follow the new moon in your region-- we’re just trying to get everyone their stuff on time for intention-setting.

Why are the moon names different when they are within the same month?

Because of the nature of the lunar calendar versus the Gregorian calendar, sometimes there are two full moons in a month. The Gregorian calendar is the current solar model most of us adhere to, with months and days. But the lunar calendar is different, as it is made up of 29.5 days. That means that sometimes, lunar months--aka, moon cycles-- will overlap within a solar month. Hence, differently-named moons within the same month.

What's the origin of the new moon names?

Like we mentioned, many of the moon names vary depending on what part of the world you might be in. Even here in the U.S., there are variations dependent on where you are in the country, and traditionally, come from Native tribes. For example, the Zuni tribe of New Mexico called April’s moon “the Great Sandstorm moon”, while the Apache tribe of the southern Plains referred to the same moon as “the Moon of Big Leaves”. Both reflect the conditions of their respective regions for the same lunar cycle. [1]

[1] Source:

Why do moons have names?

Before we had calendars, most of the world relied on the moon to tell what time of the month it was. The names of the moons are highly regional in nature, and super-dependent on things like agriculture, climate, or religious beliefs.

Why do I set intentions on the start of the New Moon?

For the same reason the moon is important! New moon, new you, new, clean state.

Why should I care about the moon?

Since the beginning of time, humanity’s fascination with the moon has led to innovations in science, spirituality, and so much more. The tides of our ocean are controlled by the moon. Many believe the full moon is connected to weird happenings and strange behaviors. For centuries-- and even today-- farmers sowed their crops using lunar planting guides.

As cool as all these things are, we care about the moon in a different way. We like to use the phases of the moon to guide us in our intention setting practice. Much like our own lives, the moon waxes and wanes. Using the moon as a compass of sorts, we set a path of persistent self-reflection. When we set intentions with the moon, we align with nature-- and all of its peaks and valleys. That’s a good thing.

And that’s why we think you should care about the moon, too.


Do I need to wait for a particular day/moon phase to light my candle?

Some people like to burn their candles according to the lunar cycle, but that’s definitely not a requirement. The scent and the flame are particularly mood-setting when creating the stage for our mindfulness practice. Take your space to the next level with a little warmth and good vibes to oomph your intentions with a little bespoke aromatherapy during a session of meditation. After all, we created these scents with just that in mind.

Are the candles vegan?

The candles are 100% vegan. We only use soy wax and none of the fragrances were tested on animals. However, we are not certified vegan even though we do not use any type of animal byproduct because we have not gone through the official process.

Please note that despite our candles being 100% vegan and non-toxic, we do recommend that the candles are kept away from pets so they are not ingested.

How are the candles made?

We hand pour each candle, using materials 100% made in the USA. These specialty candles are hand poured in Massachusetts.

Do these candles have any unnatural or harmful ingredients?

No! We are proud to create these candles with only the finest materials, natural soy wax that is domestically sourced and high-quality cotton wicks free from any lead or plastics. The candles are paraben, petroleum and phthalate free. Even the glass container is 100% food grade quality and can be repurposed after a thorough wash.

I have allergies; can I safely use your candles?

The candles are generally safe for most individuals suffering from allergies. The candles burn clean and the fragrance does not irritate most allergies. As with all candles, the product is not meant to be used outside of its intended purpose, meaning: don’t eat it! Even though they may cause immediate hunger.

Plant Care Basics

Need more plant care tips? Check out these complete instructions for each plant.

How do I know how much to water my plant?

Each lovely plant included in your Lunarly box will have a plant care card with care tips, including water, soil, toxicity and light recommendations. 

Check the plant care card first. Any questions? Reach out to us at!

What does my plant look like with the right amount of light?

The plant will form new leaves that grow parallel to the light source (not curled). Leaves will be the right size and dark green in color. The plant doesn’t stretch.

How do I know if my plant hasn’t gotten enough light?

Leaves will be small, thin and pale. Stems stretch, causing plant growth to be tall and leggy. The plant will also grow towards the light source available.

How do I know if my plant has gotten too much light?

Leaves will curl, blister, look yellowish in color (called sun scorching), have brown edges, and will die and fall off. Damage is more severe when combined with lack of water and high temperatures.