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Intention Setting

What are intentions?

An intention is a promise to yourself that you actually can keep. Instead of impossible goals, look to intentions: a commitment to taking care of yourself by actively intending to improve your life.
Change your mindset with intentions, and you'll manifest the growth you're looking for.

What is intention setting?

Intention setting is choosing an intention to carry with you every day. The new moon is the ideal time to start this process, as the lunar cycle will energize your intention over the month.

Why do I set intentions with the moon?

Every new moon, we take a moment to consider how we live, and what we can intentionally do to live it better. Over the course of the twenty nine-and-a-half day lunar cycle, you’ll use mindfulness techniques, utilize the art of self-care, and commit to living out your chosen intention. The full moon marks the culmination of your chosen affirmation and is as crucial to intention setting as the new moon. Hence the name, Lunarly.

How does the journey work?

All the anxiety about hitting points on a timeline, rigidly focusing so much on the tangible thing you want; it’s all ignoring the purpose of self-care in the first place. With intentions, it’s different. There is no roadmap, no sense of failure to be had. Only growth, no matter what. Instead of action, it is the art of inaction, of mindfulness. We set intentions as meaningful commitments, to live our lives as better versions of ourselves. There is no incarnation of material objects. Our hearts and minds are the navigation to finding something within us and sharing it with the world.

How to set intentions

Ready to set an intention?
It’s time to whip out your new journal and break it in.
Find a peaceful place where you can THINK clearly.
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
What needs to improve?
What do you need more of?
How can you FEEL better?
How can you BE better? Put words and phrases to your feelings.
Use active phrases: “I will…” “I am…” Just a sentence, or two.
Most importantly: think POSITIVE. Take as long as you need to.
Speak your truth, put it out into the world! Say it a few times.
WRITE it down.
Feel that lightness?
Let’s begin.
Get COMFORTABLE. Sit down, lay on the floor, stand; whatever feels right.
ROOT yourself: close your eyes, take long breaths. Let go.
DIG deep. Think about yourself, and let each thought guide you.
FLOW into every thought.
FEEL everything.
FOCUS on what becomes clear to you.
When you are ready to finish, GROUND yourself and awaken.

Inspirational Intentions

My inner power is limitless. I will kindle its fire with my own lightning within.
With self-esteem, I am whole. I am my own best advocate.
I am brave, I am kind, I am put-together.
When I am still, peace within me rises like the moon in the sky.  
Vulnerability is my balm as I let my guard down, to let love in.
I welcome and encourage the courage to unabashedly be authentically me. I am exceptional and unique in my own way.
Change opens the door for progress. I embrace, the shifting tides of my life to wash away my fears.