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Bygone Moons Intention Setting Box
Intention Setting Mystery Box

Bygone Moons - Past Box Mystery Selects

Past Faves & New Finds
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Are you a new subscriber to Lunarly and missed some of the amazing intention setting and self-care products in previous boxes? Or maybe you’re a long-time subscriber that enjoyed the practice a past box brought you. This mystery box of Lunarly Selects features some of our favorite past items from Lunarly boxes. Each box contains 4 - 5 of our favorite past intention setting, self-care, and wellness items to help you relive a past-favorite practice or start a fresh new experience!

  • 4 - 5 of our favorite intention setting, self-care, and wellness items from bygone moons.
  • This box may include incense, jewelry, books, facial sprays, self-care tools, and more!
  • Product image features an example of our Bygone Moons mystery box but actual products may vary.