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Daily concepts Massage Brush
Daily concepts Massage Brush

Daily concepts Massage Brush

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Brush off the baggage from a busy day with this daily Concepts Massage Brush. Dry brushing supports a healthy lymphatic system by increasing blood circulation to your skin. This dry brush features cellulite massagers to fight back against cellulite while the natural FSC beechwood bristles help in reducing unwanted dead skin cells which can clog the surface of your skin. Add a little indulgence to your self care routine by enjoying a gentle, rejuvenating message before every shower. Beginning at your feet, gently brush in upwards motions using long and smooth strokes. Use this same progress for your legs and arms, and switch to circular motions for brushing your back, stomach, and armpits. 

  • 100% natural bristles and FSC beechwood
  • Product Size: 5.8 Ounces 
  • Replace your dry brush every 4-6 months
  • Can be used for dry or wet brushing.  However, wetting the brush can compromise the integrity of the bristles and effectiveness
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